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Pembetulan kepada Post berikut "Subhanallah : Janin yang berusia 15 minggu mampu hidup di dunia"

Kimberly Mueller, is the smallest baby ever born and the youngest survivor in Germany after she was born 15 weeks prematurely. Her chances of living were rated at worse than 1,000-1.

Kimberly Mueller 12 March 2007Kimberly Mueller 300g

Tiny Kimberly Mueller weighed just over 10 ounces when she was born on 12.March.2007. Her chances of living were rated at worse than 1,000-1 when she was born 15 weeks premature. She had to be born by Caesarean section because the blood supply via the umbilical cord was poor due to placenta failure and the heart started to get weaker. But Kimberly, who was just 10.2 inches (26cm) long, spent months on a life support system as doctors in Hanover, Germany fought to save her. 

The tiny girl was kept in an incubator for warmth and drip-fed, while a respirator help her breathe. 
She was also given a cocktail of drugs to boost an immune system that was barely formed.

"Babies as small as this usually have no chance," said Dr Oliver Moeller, a heart specialist who treated her. "We are incredibly lucky that she lived. Such a case I have never experienced. We had a lot of luck ... a lot."

Kimberly's mother Petra Mueller, 38, from Hanover, who remained at her daughter's bedside in intensive care at the University Clinic in Goettingen, was allowed only to stroke her with her finger. 
"It was the nicest thing when she would grip my finger in her tiny hands," she recalled. 
"She was like a little bear gripping a tree trunk, just hanging on for life as if she was saying 
'Don't leave me, mummy'."

Kimberly at 6monthsAt three months, she faced a major setback, when doctors feared she could be blind. But laser treatment corrected the problem.

21 September 2007After six month's intensive care at the University Clinic in Goettingen, Kimberly had grown to weigh 5.5 pounds (2.5 kg) and measure 17 inches (43 cm), she was allowed to leave hospital and go to her Hanover home, living with daddy Andreas Mueller and mommy Petra Meuller. 

During the next few weeks she continued to be fed artificially and still need to have oxygen as her lungs keep developing.

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Walaupun usianya lebih matang dari 15 minggu iaitu 25 minggu.. tetapi dengan izin Allah bayi yang cuma berumur 6 bulan dan anda mampu melihat sendiri keadaan bayi tersebut yang masih kecil dan merah, tetapi dapat membesar di luar rahim ibunya dengan izin Allah SWT.. Subhanallah..

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